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Deep physical and emotional healing


Sessions last 90 mins 

Block bookings x 6 = £499

Block bookings x 3 = £270

Single sessions = £100

‘EFT’ has been likened to emotional acupuncture (without the needles). Based on the same ancient Chinese meridian system, it works at dissipating blocked energy in our physical and emotional systems, allowing our body to return to its natural state of health.

Instead of needles, we achieve this by tapping on specific points on the body that relate to our physical/emotional energy systems called meridians, whilst focusing and talking about the issue. The simple sequence of tapping we use allows the releasing of blocked or negative emotion and is incredibly relaxing. In this state, we can gently explore the source of the negative feelings and the attached unhelpful beliefs that may be active and triggering sub-optimal physical, mental or emotional health or life experience.

The source tends to be a memory or group of memories around a specific belief, created during a traumatic event or deep learning experience. These can be obvious big traumas that you are aware of or small traumas that we have all collated during our childhood whilst learning about the world and our place in it without the benefit of context or adult perspective. Things that we have no conscious recollection of or any idea they may be at the root of a problem can arise and once released, bring profound healing.

‘MATRIX REIMPRINTING’ is the process of adjustment once the source memories have been identified. The process is gentle, helpful and effective and we are careful to avoid any further upset from visiting the past. The technique removes the emotional charge from the memory and with it, the active stress within your energetic system. We can then instill a more positive and beneficial belief that better serves you, your physical health and your life as a whole.

Memories of a sensitive nature do not need to be divulged in full for this process to work. I can guide you through the process without you having to share anything you may not wish to. All sessions are in the strictest of confidence of course and you are free to share, or not, depending on your own preference and comfort levels.

Once the adjustment and imprinting process has been completed you may well feel like a weight has been lifted and deep healing has begun.

After your session and the release of a long-held stress or block, your physical and emotional body will shift into healing and you should be mindful of taking it easy over the next few days or so. When healing occurs, functions in the body seek to re-balance and for a short while may either increase or reduce activity. You may feel tired or have minor symptoms present temporarily. The key is to rest, stay hydrated and be confident that your body is now healing so give it chance to do that completely and look after yourself during this time. It is a sign that you have done some deep healing work and positive shifts are taking place.

EFT & Matrix Reimprinting can be helpful in releasing blocks, fear, anxiety, stress, depression, low self-esteem, releasing traumas, negative subconscious beliefs, letting go of the past and releasing the root cause of various physical or emotional conditions and unhelpful patterns in your life.

Sessions are 90 mins and are conducted over Skype or in-person (TBD).